Bursts Of Creativity

Do you sometimes feel like sketching something, even stick figures?  Maybe you like painting with watercolors, tempera, oils? Maybe you fool around with clays.  Cooking?  Tinkering with machinery or gadgets?  Carpentry?  Metalwork?  Crafting? Gardening?  I could list several topics and possibly fill up this entire page.

The best thing is that when you’re creating whatever it is you like to make or do, you forget about yourself, your ego, worries about what other people expect of you.  You just create or do.

The second best thing is when an idea to create or perform appears in your mind.  It’s a fluid thing, not really separate from the final or ongoing result. The idea sometimes appears fully formed as in a dream, or words, or as sounds.  Sometimes it is just the urge to do what you like to do.  A painter might desire to create an image on canvas, so she’ll bring out her tools and easel.  Frequently just the act of setting up the workspace will enable the mind to begin formulating the project.

A photographer might happen upon something in nature or something manmade and simply sees the object or scene in a new way, then frame, focus and shoot it.  The creation then continues in the darkroom or computer program and is then printed or published.

That’s basically the process I have for one of my passions, flowers.

I usually happen across a vase, planter or other container that merges with my mindset at the time.  Like this pair of modernistic vases did last night.  I had stashed them behind my unused teevee and forgot about them until it was time to dust the stereo shelves on Sunday.  I cleaned them up and placed them on top of my turntable dustcover for later.  I use the turntable as a sort of staging area for some of my works in progress that have no deadlines.

Last night, as I finished my formal meditation, the desire to use those vases happened.  I didn’t know quite what end product I wanted, but only that I needed to capture the moment. I went straight to my stash of tall grasses and bamboos and started pulling out my supplies.  I cannibalized a few old projects that I’d set aside to redo later on.  I didn’t even sit down at the table to work.  I just went about strategically placing elements of the design in place.  Tweaking and rearranging here and there until it all fell into place.

Sometimes the urge to create strikes when I’m away from home.  So, I’ll sketch an outline of what I want to make or simply name the vase I want to use and what sort of blooms, colors, and the basic shapes to form.  Then I put the small sketch in my pocket for later. 

One of my other passions is writing.  Again, if I’m away from home, I’ll either scribble down a quick outline of what I want to write.  Sometimes I have something more or less formulating on the spot.  In that case, I use the “record memo” function on my mobile phone and dictate the rough draft.  When I get home, I transcribe it to the document file, then edit and finish the project.

The whole point is to capture the moment whenever you feel the urge to make something.  Whatever that something is, go ahead and do it.  Do it ASAP.


The Blue Jay of Happiness enjoys seeing the creative efforts of folks.  Attending art shows, plays, and eating out are some favorites.

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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