Small Pots …Floral Friday

There are many times when a person only wants a small, but striking accent for the desk, bedroom, shelf or some plain corner that just needs a splash of color.  Those are what those small vases and planters do well.  A person doesn’t need to attend floral design school in order to put together one of these compact flower statements.  All you need is some sort of small container.  Maybe an old juice tumbler can be recycled.  I’ve created small Ikebanas inside of candleholders.  A decorative jelly jar works in a pinch for a handful of daisies or roadside wildflower finds.  There are hundreds of styles of small flower containers made for the purpose of a small arrangement.  Many can be had at your local thrift store.

These small, hand painted Italian vases are tourist souvenirs.  Something from the Smokey Mountains, the Black Hills, Disneyland or anywhere special you’ve visited works just as well.  Just squeeze in some floral foam and place your blooms in an artistic stylized shape that pleases your eye.  The La Musa vase with the caption “Bella Italia” has a funky, casual look so I wanted a contemporary, simple style with a bright yellow flare.  I have it on top of my fridge in the kitchen next to the radio.  The other hand painted Italian vase is only half-cup size.  A small amount of leftover floral foam was the only mechanical needed to hold the splash of friendly looking blooms.  This would look great on a desk at the office or as a get-well gift.  Space is always at a premium in a hospital room.

I came across this very heavy, thick, dark blue hand-blown bud vase not long ago.  It is home to the white gerbera daisy solitaire.  It’s important to remember to keep the arrangement very simple when using a contemporary art glass piece like this one.  The result is a bold, simple statement that is perfect in a modern or mid-20th century environment.  I’m using it on my personal shrine.

One of a kind, stylish, small vases are usually found by chance.  I found this one (below) when I stopped at a flea market on a lark a couple of summers ago.  I’ve used it as a bud vase for artificials because the long, curved stem is very difficult to clean.  The

lily shape compliments the subtle calla lily solo and the bamboo leaves quite well.  Alternatively, small tropicals or orchids would be attractive in a vase like this.

So, if you’re out and about, look for a small vase or two.  They’re best if they have markdown tags on them.  Then make yourself an easy, fun floral accent for your space.


The Blue Jay of Happiness says to keep it small and simple.

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