Handled …Floral Friday

I like to get a grip on things.  So, some of the things I like about many vases are the handles.  Sometimes the handles are useful and other times they’re just decorative.  Whichever the function, they are always an integral part of the style and artful design of the piece.

This small Frankoma bud vase reminds me of an artifact an archaeologist might find at an ancient Egyptian dig.  The earthy glaze along with the integrated handles evoke that period of history.  Back in the day, something of this size and style would have contained perfumes.  This one is perfect for a very simple floral styling suitable to place onto a knick knack shelf.
This Shawnee bud vase is a favorite.  I like the mustard yellow glaze.  What really sets it apart are the very stylized handles fashioned in a true Art Deco motif. 

This one sits on a small kitchen shrine so I wanted a very simple arrangement.  Everything is in yellow so the eye is both focused and stimulated at the same time.
This medium size cobalt blue vase is reminicent of a popular Haeger Studios style.  In fact, at first, I thought that it was a Haeger vase from the 1930s. 

Upon closer examination I found it to be a counterfeit.  I brought it home anyway because the style is timeless and very elegant.  I knew that I wanted to make a bold statement with flowers.  This is purely an arrangement in the 1930s fashion.
I do want to show off some authentic Haeger vases from the ’30s.  The turquoise vase is small, the yellow one is smaller.  In that I was fortunate to match the style, a mirrored composition takes place. 

In this case, I found the yellow one, then, a year or so later, I stumbled across the turquoise piece.  For visual simplicity, I kept to a monochromatic theme for each vase so that together, they form a duotone statement.  A person can also display these separately according to season.  The yellow flowers in summer and fall.  The blue blooms in springtime.

If you keep your eyes peeled, you should have no trouble finding an attractive vase adorned with handles that will fit in with your home environment, too.


The Blue Jay of Happiness thinks a clean, crystal handled bud vase with some Blue Bells would make a great statement.

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