In the classic global political spectrum I align with Social Democrats. In other words, slightly right of center. In the context of the political spectrum of the USA, I am considered as a liberal Democrat. In the skewed political environment of today’s United States, anyone who is in favor of moderate progress is now considered to be a radical.

I’m not a radical in any conventional sense. The far left seems to have lost its progressive roots. The far right is self-centered, greedy and mean. I don’t go with left vs. right. I think that’s a false dichotomy. The left-right split is a psychological tool being used by those who have divided the nation and are in the final stages of conquering it. These are the elite power brokers who have made the words “liberal” and “conservative” filthy dirty epithets.


People who label themselves as conservatives have come to believe the rhetoric and demonization of those they consider to be so-called “liberals”. Likewise, the demonized people who self identify as progressive or liberal have come to distrust and dislike those individuals and groups who proclaim the superiority of “conservative” ideology. The divide and conquer strategy has worked remarkably well for decades. The true believers are so attached to their labels that they use them as substitutes for analysis and careful thought.

Indeed, the democratic ideals of discussion and formal debate have all but disappeared. The sham of opposing talking heads on the teevee turns the stomach. There you won’t find careful analysis of the issues and topics of the day. Instead we find childish quarrels, and shouting matches. It’s disgusting, disheartening and frightful to witness such displays of horrible manners and behavior.

No matter that some of my peers probably believe that I’m some sort of far left liberal. I know that I’m not. I self-identify as a moderate.

There is even a nasty epithet for people like me. It comes from the leftist radicals and the rightwing fascists. They call us “fence sitters”. I don’t sit on any political dividing fence. I study the issues and carefully, thoughtfully think them through. I hopefully arrive at a fair minded, compassionate, empathetic point of view. The left may think I’m not progressive enough in my compassion. The right calls me a bleeding heart liberal. They don’t hear my voice as the dissent that it is. I don’t advocate a far left ideal of tearing apart free enterprise. Nor do I advocate a laissez faire attitude of letting monopolistic capitalism rape the nation and the world.

My dissent falls in the middle way. Borrowing the best of the liberal and the conservative points of view. My dissenting mind knows that radical power of either left or right only leads to oppression, suffering and strife. A seesaw way of power struggle that none of us can afford to indulge anymore. What I see happening in the west these days is akin to what I find in this excerpt of William L. Shirer’s handiwork:

“What surprised me at first was that most Germans, so far as I could see, did not seem to mind that their personal freedom had been taken away, that so much of their splendid culture was being destroyed and replaced with a mindless barbarism, or that their life and work were becoming regimented to a degree never before experienced even by a people accustomed for generations to a great deal of regimentation. One soon became aware, to be sure, that in the background there lurked the terror of the Gestapo and the fear of the concentration camp for those who got too far out of line or who had been Communists or Socialists or too liberal or pacifist or who were Jews…. Yet the Nazi terror in those early years, I was beginning to see, affected the lives of relatively few Germans. The vast majority did not seem unduly concerned with what happened to a few Communists, Socialists, pacifists, defiant priests and pastors, and to the Jews. A newly arrived observer was forced, however reluctantly, as in my own case, to conclude that on the whole the people did not seem to feel that they were being cowed and held down by an unscrupulous tyranny. On the contrary, and much to my surprise, they appeared to support it with genuine enthusiasm. Somehow Adolf Hitler was imbuing them with a new hope, a new confidence and an astonishing renewed faith in the future of their country.” – William L. Shirer, “Nightmare Years”

Do you understand the stunning parallels between 1930s Germany and contemporary western nations? If you see the similarities and are concerned, then you understand the foundation of my personal, middle way dissent.


The things we worked for and paid for are under attack. The radicals have voted to eliminate Medicare for those citizens born after 1957. The power elite wants to convince us to surrender Social Security, the most successful program in the US, to privatization. These are unwise, radical moves. Moderates are not in favor of such draconian measures.

This is what moderates’ dissent is all about. Middle-way dissent is all about getting away from screaming divisiveness. Cutting out the divide and conquer. All of us need to step back, put on our thinking caps and get on the same page. The world and our nation are under siege by radical, greedy people and organizations. It’s time for some good ol’ traditional middle of the road dissent.


The Blue Jay of Happiness has found that the mindset of the middle way leads to contentment and happiness.

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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