Colours …Floral Friday

I guess the spring in Norfolk, Nebraska is going to be continued mostly grey. Don’t get me wrong, grey is a fine tone to enjoy and to use. It makes for wonderful monochrome photography. It’s also the perfect background for sullen youth to parade their attitude. After awhile, though, the eyes yearn for something brilliant. Something with colour is just what practically everybody wants to see in springtime.

But we’ve had maybe a grand total of around five hours of mostly sunny sky the entire week. That’s why I specifically decided to feature colour in today’s Floral Friday. Oh yeah, I like to use the British spelling of the word too, it seems somehow more colourful. Maybe you noticed it more readily, as well?

If you want colour, you must provide colours. This ceramic carp seems to be drawn to these bright hues. The bright yellow vase is usually reserved for summertime arrangements. However, I decided to bring it out earlier than usual to hold some brilliant, splashy blooms. The idea is to enhance a cheerful wakefulness to an otherwise mundane room. In this case, the bathroom.

Attention getting retro with the accent on “groovy” is the happening thing with this hippy inspired art pottery that was thrown, glazed and decorated by Domingo Punter of Spain. I had to go totally far-out by selecting psychedelic shocking pink, electric purple and sunshine for your love yellow flowers. Who can’t help but think of a cool trippin’ 60s be-in just looking at this?

Time warping is the intention of this combination of 1940 sensibility and 2011 pizzaz with in your face colours. The vintage Royal Haeger elm leaf vase is very classy and sedate even typically springlike during a “normal” spring.

But this spring is not normal. Nor am I. I wanted something to shake up your retinas and have you reach for your sunglasses. Big, bold gerbera daisies are not what you’d expect to find placed inside of an antique like this. That’s why you see it now.

Still, springtime is all about lighter tones and shades. Subtle visuals are what come to mind. So, a bright but cool arrangement of smaller colourful flowers is the appropriate mix for this elegant Red Wing Pottery vase.

This will be perfect for those rare times when the clouds finally part to give us a partly sunny hour or two. As the temperatures finally climb past near freezing, the classic colours of spring will be ready.


The Blue Jay of Happiness hopes your Easter weekend is nice.

About swabby429

An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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