Two weekends ago we had a freezing rain and snow storm in Norfolk.  Not only did this make for some dicey driving conditions for a lot of folks, but I couldn’t even get the car out of the garage.  Some of the water found its way into the garage door’s lock mechanism.  Well, sometimes when water freezes in a small, confined space it causes the space to expand.  That’s how mountains get whittled down to size over millenia.  That’s also how a perfectly good lock became nearly useless.   I waited until the air temperature climbed above freezing then I heated my key in the flame of a butane lighter.  The key went in fine, but I had to jiggle the lock mechanism back into its original position to be able to open the door.  I reported this to the landlord and he said someone would take care of it.

Today I returned from some of my errands and saw the repairman’s truck in the driveway.  His lock repair chore was in progress.  I gave him some help when he needed an extra pair of hands to secure a bolt or to place the handle in the proper position.  Soon, the job was finished.  The repairman closed the door and locked the latch.  Perfect!  Then he wanted to unlock the latch.  Whoops!  He discovered that he’d left the keys inside the garage.  Aside from breaking a window or demolishing the back door, he was stuck.  Finally, he found a special lock tool to partially remove the new lock.  Whew!  The job was then redone, with the keys placed on his truck’s hood outside the garage.

The incident caused me to remember a few of my own goofs.  One was in grade school when I forgot to prepare my homework assignment for the history class.  I love history, so I don’t remember why I didn’t remember, maybe it was an honest mistake.  Well, I used the oldest excuse in the book.  For some reason, I said that the dog had eaten my homework.  After the words came out of my mouth, I wondered why I’d said it.  I couldn’t back out of the remark.  We didn’t even have a dog at home.  Just a little kitten.  I doubt very much if the kitten could have even eaten a tiny corner of a piece of paper, let alone a whole homework assignment.  I don’t remember for sure.  But I probably scored a fail out of the incident…with the bad grade on account of the lame excuse.


My brother had a couple of run-ins with cars while riding his bicycle as a kid. The first notable incident happened on a busy street.  He had just passed me on my bicycle and wanted to take the lead for awhile.  The driver of a parked car suddenly opened his door directly in Mark’s path.  The bicycle, Mark, the door and the driver all met together at the same time.  There were minor injuries to Mark and the driver.  Bandages were soon applied and we resumed out journey.

The second one that comes to mind was caused by complete inattention.  In our neighborhood in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Mark decided to pass a mutual friend and me on our way to the candy store.  Mark decided to turn his head to stick out his tongue at us.  The moment he faced forward again, he plowed into the back of a 1959 Buick Electra.
I don’t know how he escaped minor injury inthat mishap.  You never want to rearend a 1959 Buick when bicycling!  The Buick suffered some sratches and a minor dent on the left tailfin.

There have been many more snafus, but these are the ones that come immediately to mind.  I’m sure you can come up with a few, too.

How about it?


The Blue Jay of Happiness wonders why we sometimes tend to laugh at painful situations.

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