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Eostre And Eggs

It’s lot of enlightening fun to dig around to find the roots of cultural traditions and holidays.  Doing so often sheds new light and understanding on events that are usually explained away by the usual “authorities”.  Those explanations are conventionally … Continue reading

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Colours …Floral Friday

I guess the spring in Norfolk, Nebraska is going to be continued mostly grey. Don’t get me wrong, grey is a fine tone to enjoy and to use. It makes for wonderful monochrome photography. It’s also the perfect background for … Continue reading

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In the classic global political spectrum I align with Social Democrats. In other words, slightly right of center. In the context of the political spectrum of the USA, I am considered as a liberal Democrat. In the skewed political environment … Continue reading

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Past Futures

My brother and I used to spend many a late night during our childhoods trying to figure out what our futures might hold for us when we reached adulthood. After the lights went out and the family was bedded down, … Continue reading

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My new schedule has been adjusting according to the biological clock and not by the demands of a graveyard shift schedule.  Out of curiosity, I’ve been wanting to observe how this has affected my lifestyle and overall physical health.  I’m … Continue reading

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A Couple Of Lincoln Quotes

I can’t say that I’m a big admirer of politicians in general. I do like them when they do their jobs in the true interests of their constituents and the overall good of the nation. Whichever nation they’re serving. Some … Continue reading

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Mean People

I’ll say it right up front. This post will hardly be politically correct. It won’t be mean either. Just my honest opinions. A couple of days ago I needed to pick up a few routine supplies like some TracFone time, … Continue reading

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