Brassy …Floral Friday

I find myself with some unplanned, extra time on my hands as I put together this bluejaypost ahead of time on Wednesday. The weather is a miserable, misty, rainy, windy mess. My San Jose Sharks have bowed out of play in the second round of the NHL playoffs. (Good luck Vancouver–you’re cool too!) That means more focus on my own homey projects. Since I’d been rooting for the Sharks to win the Stanley Cup this year, I’ve been focused on metal. For today, that metal is brass.

Because I snoop around sales and thrifts, brass containers seem to find their way into my little house. The things are stashed in a few places here at home, so I come across them frequently. Most of the items were crafted in India, like this little comport dish. Whoever created this implement was very skilled. The design aspects are graceful and pleasing. When I tap the empty dish, the ring is clear and beautiful to hear. This dish would make a fine meditation gong, too. I wanted the two tier feel to follow through. A foundation of larger pastel blooms eases into the top layer of Shasta daisies for a mid-spring feel.

A traditional South Asian style was the inspiration for this basic, taller arrangement. The heavy, classically styled vase is the perfect foil for a simple offering of flowers to be placed on a shrine.

This pre-Communist China piece is rather elaborate and fancy. I wanted to bridge the two centuries by designing an arrangement that is contemporary yet based upon classical imperial Chinese sensiblities. The lotuses and pods are complimented with chic glitzy bangles for a visual treat.

The dinky vases present more of a challenge than one would at first imagine. But they are still simpler than the full size compositions. This tiny, Indian brass vase makes a quaint place setting decoration or a piece that sits atop the CD player to enhance one’s listening experience.

Do you have a brass vase or two around the house? Why not bring it out, polish it and use it for a faux flower arrangement?


The Blue Jay of Happiness enjoys the metallic, musical ring of these pieces, too.

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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