Late Spring

To say climate change isn’t happening is to be in denial.  Freakish and very tragic weather events have been happening in the USA and globally.

Here, in Northeast Nebraska, we’ve experienced a roller coaster ride of peculiarities.  Snowfall in the spring, severe thunderstorms, a short heatwave of near 100-degree temperatures, then back to chilly, wet weather patterns.  On Thursday morning it looked like a “normal” spring day so I set about to enjoy it before the onslaught of more dreary conditions.

I returned home from the gym and was startled by a robin chick perched near my front door.  It was one that fell out of its nest a couple of days ago during some high winds.  The little bird is able to hop around but is terrible in its attempts to fly.  Somehow the little creature survived the wet, chilly conditions of mid-week.

It was a pleasant surprise to see the first iris fully bloom today. This particular plant was almost two months behind schedule.  Late March is when this patch of irises usually blooms.  They’re on the south side of the house making them the first plants to sprout in my yard.  The daylilies in the front are growing.  Hopefully, they’ll bloom in mid summer as usual.  The anemones sprouted earlier this spring.  Those that survived the late freeze were eaten by rabbits recently.  I really like anemones so I was quite disappointed.

The very tall canopy of elm trees has become fully leafed.  It’s more difficult to spot the various birds and squirrels now.  However, one blue jay perches on a visible dead branch to watch for the daily snack that I set out for him.  He knows how to bribe me.  All he needs to do is to warble a haunting tune for a couple of minutes.  I hear him, go into the house to grab a few peanuts to place in the yard.  If I have my camera, he won’t come down to eat. If the camera is not with me, the jay zooms into the yard and immediately zooms back to his perch.  Smart bird!

I’m hoping the rest of the season turns out to be mild with the temperature fluctuations halting.  Perhaps the worst of the thunderstorms are over, too…but I doubt it.


The Blue Jay of Happiness hopes that your Memorial Day weekend is meaningful.

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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