Geometric Containers …Floral Friday

Frequently a person just wants to make a simple, basic, contemporary statement with flowers.  When I want to leave behind the figural vases, theme planters, dressy comports and jazzy flower pots, I go with basic geometry when selecting a container to hold my arrangement.

The most classic foundational style usually builds on the arc and the straight edge line.  The resulting geometric form can form a subtle base or it can be the main feature of the arrangement.  Much of the impact depends upon color and color balance.


In this composition, I used a very basic cylinder.  It was a medium shade of green.  I wanted a more subtle effect, so I used some purple nylon netting as the armature to hold the flower and greenery in place.  The main feature of the arrangement is the solitary Gerbera Daisy.  The neutral vase and fern serve only to frame the flower inobtrusively.

This cubic planter by Haeger made me think of the modern style of the 1960s.  Specifically the hipster bachelor pad.  The idea is to have a low maintenance, guy friendly accent for a stereo center or his bedroom.  None of the elements should overpower the others.  The balance between a heavy, solid cube with a more airy spiky tropical tree planting is carefully planned so the eye will not tire of looking at it.  Yet, the planting won’t fade into the background either.  The mind sees it as order with disorder.

I want to include a composition that brings the container radically to the foreground.  The main idea is the arc.  In this case the fire engine red circular vase could almost stand alone.  However a few branches of softer floral shapes and tones act to accentuate and enhance the overall feel with the illusion of motion.  There are many ways to utilize a vase of this sort.  I will likely use it in an Ikebana composition later.

Sometimes a person might stumble upon differently proportioned cylinders, cubes of various colors and materials and triangular pyramidal shapes or spheres or eleongated rectangular vases and planters.  If you can find a basic, unadorned container, you can keep things clean and simple, too.


The Blue Jay of Happiness likes the combination of mirror-bright, metallic finishes on a basic cylinder or sphere.

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