Irrational Exceptions

“When lip service to some mysterious deity permits bestiality on Wednesday and absolution on Sunday, cash me out.”–Frank Sinatra

As a rule, we humans can be contradictory creatures. I might look in the mirror or step onto a scale and judge that I need to lose some weight. I could figure that going on a weight reduction program would be the moral thing to do. That is taking care of my weight, takes care of me which enables me to continue helping others. Or, I might tell myself, simply, losing weight is the right thing to do. It’s probable that I might spot a person who has more girth than I do and then make a snap negative judgment about that person. Later that day, I decide to have a big dish of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream because I deserve it. Somehow, I’ve made a big disconnect regarding my thoughts about healthy personal weight and actual reality. I’ve managed to rationalize the exception to the weight reduction rule by using an irrational excuse.


We see examples of Irrational Exceptions on a regular basis in society at large. Perhaps some religious leader like a televangelist or Immam proclaims that they are all about love, compassion and serving humanity in the highest way possible. In the next breath, the leader cherry picks particular portions of the Bible or Koran to rationalize a personal hatred of Jews, homosexuals, or people of other races and nationalities. This is a special case that is just as irrational as me choosing ice cream over weight loss except that the leader passes along the irrational exception to his or her followers. This “justifies” hatred of other religions, homophobia, racism, jingoism and other negative beliefs and modes of behavior.

It’s a simple matter to project irrational exceptions to a global scale. Perhaps the Chinese regime believes in improving the lives of its citizens through better industrialization methods and efficiency. But we find out that sweatshops and low wages are the driving forces behind Chinese industrial competitiveness. Or The USA’s image as promoting freedom and liberty for all. Except when it comes to supporting oppressive dictatorial regimes in latin America and Africa to further the needs of corporate campaign contributors to our politicians.

It’s easy to find examples of irrational exceptions or hypocrisy among other nations or other people. Can we see these qualities in ourselves? Are we willing to go to work on our own inconsistencies? Is it possible to have compassion for our own shortcomings. Can we accept differences and diversity among the world at large?

In my home state, there is a widely spread saying that Nebraskans are famous for their live and let live attitudes. I’ve really only seen such an attitude in scattered cases. Actually, Nebraskans are about like everyone else. But I’d sure like to see more of the live and let live attitude take hold in Nebraska. I’m going to work on my own attitudes, too. I’m also going to find fewer irrational exceptions in my efforts regarding personal weight control.


The Blue Jay of Happiness just uses his bird brain to live life as he sees fit and doesn’t worry about judging other birds.

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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