Blue Jay 367

This morning I made a search on my laptop for a photo that I had posted last year on Blue Jay back before the name evolved to bluejayblog. During my photo hunt, I found out that I have been writing these posts for more than a year at the rate of one post per day. Well, one Saturday I posted two of them because of a special event last summer.

For those of you who are counting, it turns out that this is post #367. I was determined to continue to write a post each day come hell or high water. I think there was some of each during the past year, in some cases, quite literally. I don’t intend to laboriously summarize the past year in bluejayblog posts. I only want to make a quick note of a very few themes I’ve touched upon.

As you’ve noticed, these pages do not specialize on any particular theme. No, this is not an ornithology page, despite the name. No, this is not a specialized political blog even though I write an OpEd now and again. There are plenty of full time bloviators in the blogosphere, radio, teevee and your overtly opinionated relative or acquaintance. I don’t need to feed you a daily rant.

The only regular feature is “Floral Friday”. I do that because flower arranging in vintage pottery and glass is a passion I enjoy most, aside from writing. I have done 52 “Floral Friday” posts. Most of them feature three different creations. Some of them around some sort of theme.

Before this blog, I worked on a few sporadic projects. A short experiment on Facebook and a specialized one on Blogspot. Blue Jay began on “Yahoo! Pulse” because I had already used “Yahoo! Groups” as a base for a few of my other interests. I like a centralized place to go because of the need for fewer passwords and user names. I was never very happy with “Yahoo! Pulse”. There were too many glitches. The fonts changed size at random places in some posts. I was limited in character count, so my posts sometimes needed very radical edits. Keeping the scope of posts was difficult under such restraints. There were even times when entire posts simply vanished. My first several Blue Jay posts have dissappeared from the blogosphere entirely. I didn’t bother to save text files as backups them until early August of 2010. Live and learn!

I finally bit the bullet and moved everything to our present location at WordPress. I’m glad of it because of the flexibility factor. I’m also allowed much more bandwidth to play with. Some things are automated. I no longer need to insert my banner. I have automatic links to “Yahoo! Groups”, Facebook and Disqus. If I decide to tweet, each post will link to Twitter as well.

By blogging about my observations, I’m not locked into a strict theme. I can touch on anything from vintage dinnerware as I did a year ago with some great looking styles from the 1950s and 1960s.

One of my recurring topics was the winter of 2010-2011. It was as good of an excuse as any to drag out the ol camera to record the blizzards and freak snows for posterity. A great benefit was the need to come up with a topic for each day. That’s no small order. Attempting to think up something unique each and every day puts a little bit of stress on the muses. But, it’s a good exercise because it keeps me on the ball and enables me to keep current on numerous categories. Most of which interest me anyway. Writing about them gives me a chance to explore those interests just a bit more than I normally would.

Also, using the variety aspect has given me the chance to cover some fun activities and interesting happenings. One of the most memorable posts was “Arf”. The Norfolk YMCA allowed people to bring the family dogs to the swimming pool for an evening of unpredictable fun and strangeness. The dog paddle event is held the day before the pool is drained at the end of summer for cleaning and maintenance. It was so much fun for everybody. I smiled and laughed so much that my cheeks ached for hours afterwards. I can hardly wait for this year’s dog paddle.

What’s in store for bluejayblog in the near future? Probably more of the same direction. I will continue to work on honing my style and writing skills. I may take advantage of changing the blog’s appearance with a different type of page layout. The layout change will come after I tweak my skills. I don’t want to lean on glitz over substance.

I aim to continue observing and commenting on those observations. Thank you for supporting bluejayblog.


The Blue Jay of Happiness wonders who brought any birthday cake.

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