Old Experiments …Floral Friday

With this week’s anniversary of bluejayblog, I couldn’t help but to look back on my online presence regarding floral interests. I need to go back to about 2005 to where I still have some archival storage at *Yahoo!Groups* I rummaged around in my folders and picked out a few of the more noteworthy experiments.

These are ideas that garnered more comments from visitors than many of the other photos. Each of these were the result of exploring new boundaries in one way or another.

As far as sheer size and bulk, not to mention cost, this Royal Haeger peacock vase held my personal record for awhile. The total height measured just short of a metre. It was crammed full of tropical flowers and greenery. Filling a large “fan” vase well, is challenging. A theme vase is even more so. But I had fun with this project.

On the subject of fun, I made up this table display about five Julys ago for a christmas in July theme. I used to go all out, even to the point of setting up a couple of table trees. This one went a bit overboard, I didn’t have much room for meals after putting out four complete centerpieces, trinkets and even a candle holder–not visible in the photo. The xmas in July is a mentally cooling visual. Too bad nobody thought to exchange gifts.

If I thought my peacock experiment was tall and bulky, I hadn’t encountered this very large jardinière. Not counting the lighted base, this batch of flowers was more than a metre tall, with the base it stood about 1.6 metres high. In all, it was bigger in every way including weight. This dominated a corner of my dining room until I figured that I wanted to more fully use my room as living space.

This lamp is something I’m quite proud to display. I found the base on the floor in a corner of my favorite antiques shop. It was covered with dust and spider webs. The shop owner was surprised to see it and didn’t remember even owning it. He gave it to me free of charge. After bringing it home, I thoroughly cleaned it up. Cut a length of conduit to restructure the lamp. The green vertical piece is actually a length of old garden hose. I added a lamp kit and jaunty shade to complete the lamp. I then put together a fun arrangement from my leftovers bin. Total cost of the entire project was less than $10…not counting my labor.

 This McCoy finger vase was a rare find on eBay. I timed my bids carefully and pulled off a thrify win. I really like that this has five separate wells for flowers. I wanted to accentuate that feature with a look that worked with the traditionally styled vase and yet had a current chic pizzaz. The blue and white worked well as a cooling summer visual, as well.

I’ve only scratched the surface of my past projects. I have a bunch more in my head for the future. It looks like Floral Friday will be a sure thing for awhile.


The Blue Jay of Happiness wishes you a happy christmas in July, or Kwanzaa, or Hanukah. Whatever works for you.

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