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“Alienation as we find it in modern society is almost total… Man has created a world of man-made things as it never existed before. He has constructed a complication social machine to administer the technical machine he built. The more … Continue reading

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Summer Vacation Snapshots

One of the great contributions of American culture is the Summer Vacation trip. Other countries have followed suit, British aligned nations say “going on holiday”. But basically, the activity most likely originated in the USA in the 20th Century. Lately, … Continue reading

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Free Form Abstraction …Floral Friday

Flowers are actual things.  Flowers can represent non-solid feelings.  Sometimes a composition is simply form that can mean something different to each viewer. Something ambiguous.  This concept was a major part of the modernist style from a few decades ago.  … Continue reading

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If you were alive and cognizant in the summer of ’69, do you remember where you were and who you were with at Wednesday 2:56 UTC (Greenwich MT) July 21st 1969 / Tuesday 9:56PM Central Daylight Savings Time USA July … Continue reading

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The cultural concept of having a Doppelgänger is centuries old. In case you’re unfamiliar with the word. A Doppelgänger is a spirit double of a living person. Literally the word is German for “double walker”. The idea exists in one … Continue reading

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“I shot an elephant in my pajamas.” Pause. “How an elephant got in my pajamas I just can’t imagine.”–Groucho Marx I’ve long been fascinated by people and things that can’t be easily pigeonholed. Barbara Stanwyck is one of my favorite … Continue reading

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There is such a concept as political correctness.  We’ve all read and heard about P.C. and the controversy over its goodness or badness.  Usually, being politically correct is simply excruciating levels of politeness. I see no harm in run of … Continue reading

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