The First Day Of Hitler

Of all the historical figures across the years, I cannot think of anybody who elicits more fascination than the personage of Adolph Hitler.  Brutality and barbarism have been hallmarks of human activity for as long as we have walked the earth.  Some utterly shocking violence and ill-treatment of large numbers of humans from the Christian Inquisitions to the Pol Pot regime.  Some of these events throughout history were actually more cruel, inhumane and murderous than those of the Third Rheich.

That said, the fact that Hitler and Pol Pot wreaked misery in the 20th Century shows we are not immune from irrational thinking and acting even today.  The ultimate result of intolerance and scapegoating frequently leads to horrendous violations of civil and human rights.

August 2nd, 1934 was the infamous day in history that the Chancellor of Germany, Hitler, became der Führer.  This happened right after the death of President Paul Von Hindenburg.  Hitler’s official title combined the offices of Chancellor and the Presidency to make his regime legitimate.  August 2nd of that year was the time of consolidation and consumation of the objective goals of the Nazi Party in general and Adolph Hitler in particular.

To this day, detractors of politicians and political movements infer their nemesises are Hitler-like or are Nazis.  Strangely enough, detractors of liberal leaning politicians accuse liberals and leftists of being Nazis or Fascists or Hitlerian.  This has had the effect of watering down the evils of Hitler and Fascism to thepoint of simply being epithets.  When the name of Hitler or Nazism/Fascism are bandied about, legitimate, rational discussion is no longer “on the table”.  A sad desperation has taken over the debate.

In spite of the name of the Nazi party including the word socialist, the actual aims of the party were the political opposite of socialism.  The Nazi party and Benito Mussolini’s Fascist party were as extremely conservative and right wing as have ever exersized power in history.  Anybody even slightly espousing liberalism during Hitler’s rise to power and during his regime was subjected to extreme violence.  Leftists, socialists and communists were not only arrested by the Gestapo, but were sent off to concentration camps where they were worked to death or simply executed.

Words under the Hitler regime took on completely contrary definitions.  The skills of the Nazi propaganda bureau were peerless and are still carefully studied by governments and corporations to this day.

Claiming that liberals are Nazis and Fascists is as absurd as claiming that Christians are pagan Mayans.  The tendencies to demonize and to defame “out” groups by political powers and shapers of popular thought continue to utilize the same mind control techniques as were perfected by the master himself, Joseph Goebbels.

One of Goebbels’ most successful tactics was that of the big lie.  Invent the most outrageous lie possible, then keep repeating it at every opportunity.  When the public hears and reads the same lie over and over, year after year, they will simply assume that what they hear and read must be true.  One of the most infamous examples of the modern day version of Goebbels’ evil art is that of the accusation of the “Liberal Media”.  Many people have come to believe in a reality of a “Liberal Media” simply because of this factor of human behavioral manipulation.  This belief has become a rock solid core of their belief system.  If you should try to dissuade somebody who strongly believes that the “Liberal Media” is at the core of the country’s problems, you will be stonewalled.

These are the same tactics that Adolph Hitler so skillfully put to use to acquire and hold onto power.  The big lies about jews and liberals were used to propel his military junta to the point of conquering Europe and committing countless crimes and cruelties.  This may be a part of the reason that Nazis and especially Adolph Hitler retain the focus of interest for so many people and have done so for so long.

The other reason might be his charisma.   Hitler’s practiced dramatic and emotional charms were irresistable to his countrymen at the time.  Modern day people are still drawn to this almost mythical, larger than life character.  Hitler is the moral equivalent of a bad trainwreck.  A horrible tragedy, but you can’t help but become a rubberneck who wants to voyeristically take a good look-see.

What we need to take away from this cobra like hypnosis over Hitler and popular mass political movements is this:  We must never lose sight of the need for skepticism.  Just because some authority figure claims the truth of some concept or characteristic, doesn’t mean that it actually is true.  We must not be lazy when it comes to public movements like politics and religion.  We must especially be on our guard if the political and/or religious movement appears to agree with our own opinions.  Situations often get out of control sooner than anticipated.

We must not forget the meaning of August 2nd, 1934.

Auf Wiedersehen

The Blue Jay of Happiness retains a happy skepticism regarding his observations, too.

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