Late ’60s …Floral Friday

Putting together an arrangement inspired by past styles and fashions is an act of creativity that is light hearted and enjoyable. It’s also a good way to enhance a retro-styled living environment.

1960s and 1970s chic has been re-emerging in some cities lately. I haven’t seen harvest gold or avocado green appliances or plumbing fixtures return yet, but I’m sure someone will think to do so. The avocado green type shades of furniture and accessories are still pleasant to see. The medium green shades make a great foundation color to use with most other shades and tones of the color wheel. It’s a basic color scheme in as much as green trees and grasses form the foundation of nature’s color theme that we see regularly.

The late 1960s and very early 70s saw the emergence of avocado green. It was a great neutral color. However, too much of a good thing causes burnout. The medium greens and the harvest gold were so overused that they became ridiculed. I think both require a return, but in a more prudent, balanced manner.

Today I want to work with three medium green colored items. A tall, footed Floraline vase, a flat Haeger candle plate, and a Brush-McCoy urn. I’ve gone back to 1970 chic with the Floraline vase.
Dried flowers and grasses were in vogue then. For the 2011 version, I’ve utilized more greens then placed very subtle pastel flower accenting.

This would look nice near a fireplace or as an offset accent for a console or buffet table with a large pillar candle.

The large pillar candle could be at home in this Haeger candle dish, but I wanted a more humble candle treatment because I think a candle ring arrangement is what the designers had in mind when they designed this piece. I hinted at a slight harvest gold in this very 1968 flashback. I made a concession to safety and 2011 by utilizing an LED candle. This type of arrangement will fit in with a table setting for a hipster/retro dinner party.

This arrangement is more flexible in that a person can use it in nearly any room of the home with nearly any period of decor or style except ultra modern. The earthy green really brings out the brilliant colors of the flowers and makes them “pop”. If you can find a similar urn in a like color, you’ll find out how much more versatile it can be compared to a boring black plastic institutional planter.

Maybe I’ve sparked a retro feeling in your head? This sort of pottery is easily available at affordable, 2011 friendly prices. Have fun.


The Blue Jay of Happiness recommends playing some music of that era on your stereo for inspiration, too.

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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