Contemplating Spiders

The eight-legged creatures in my environment are so unobtrusive that I take them for granted and give them very little thought.  There are a few species that make me wince, but for the most part, I enjoy watching spiders when I do happen to notice them.  The use of them as a bluejayblog post came to mind because of how their presence has recently become more noticeable due to people around me bringing spiders to my attention.


A couple of weeks ago, a very small spider, probably about 1/32 of an inch, traversed down its web inside my car right in front of my sister.  Her extreme arachnaphobia manifested abruptly.  There was screaming, arms waving around and then her act of physically hitting a window with her purse.  Of course, I was alarmed by all of the commotion which was quite off putting.

Dad mentioned another incident when a similar dinky spider pulled the same stunt inside of my sister’s car while she was driving.  She suddenly braked to a halt.  The screaming, gesticulating, and pounding away happened again until the poor creature was obliterated.  Dad, meanwhile, nearly went through the windshield of my sister’s tiny Ford.

A couple of weeks ago a very thick fog engulfed the town of Norfolk, Nebraska.  Every exposed surface was coated with dew.  I arrived home from the gym and was treated to the sight of a beautiful, dewy web near my front door.  Rarely do I encounter such a sight, so I contemplated the delicate beauty for several minutes.   The web’s owner, a small orb weaver, kept herself tucked away from the view of my camera’s lens.

Spiders are generally people shy and would rather not interact with us so I don’t really worry about them at all.  They will only bite you if you’re trying to handle them or if they’ve inadvertantly become trapped between you and something else.  This is especially true if they are in danger of getting smashed.  If you know there are spiders near, it’s good to be careful not to harm the little critters.

Aside from daddy long legs, I have two favorite spider species that delight me every time I view them.  The first are wolf spiders.  The ones I see are large and hairy, maybe an inch long.  They run rather quickly because they are hunters and not passive in the pursuit of prey.  I’ve liked these ever since I was a little boy.


The second variety are jumping spiders.  They’re usually very small.  I especially notice them on my white garage door.  They’re not only attractive in appearance but can jump several times their own length.  I think they’re one of the few species that can actually walk backwards, if need be.

I only find one aspect of spiders to be annoying.  That is the presence of stray webs located in unexpected places.  I don’t like to walk into a web.  That means I need to wipe it off of my face and/or clean my eyeglasses.  There’s just something creepy about the feel of a web on skin.


The Blue Jay of Happiness sometimes must share food interests with those of spiders.



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