Miniatures …Floral Friday

The past several years we’ve witnessed a continuing trend towards miniaturization.  It’s practically all across the board.  It seems like the process has been in hyperdrive since the late 1900s.  Many people believe all of this has been a fairly recent development.

Actually, in the arts and crafts world, miniatures have been popular for centuries.  Victorian era collectors were especially fond of miniature glassware and pottery.  The small items satisfied the desires for beauty, and something chic to collect.  Later, miniatures were also created to serve as sample wares that travelling salesmen could show and present to department store buyers of merchandise.  Eventually those samples became collectables in their own rights.

The miniatures can be found in a multitude of materials, styles and colors.  Some of the easiest to find and acquire are brass items.  There are incense burners, small urns, vases, bowls and rarely a wallpocket vase.  Most of these are manufactured in India, but cheaper quality ones come from other nations.

This tiny brass vase is made from non-lacquered metal which is a personal preference of mine.  Many people enjoy the higher gloss and lighter color of lacquered brass.  Use whatever type you enjoy or can find.  These things are very reasonably priced and make attractive ornamentation with or without flowers.  Live flowers die quickly if placed in brass or copper containers so the best kind to use are dried or artificials.  Keep the arrangement simple and uncluttered for a long lasting classic look.

I have scads of Nemadji pottery around the house.  They have only a few basic styles and sizes.  The main thing collectors look for is the most attractive glazing.  The pieces are all very unique because of the random application of color.  These dinky handled vases are intentionally put to use to hold very similar arrangements.  This is a really fun way to highlight a collection of any miniatures.  They can be any sort of material, style, theme and so forth.  This is just one idea.  Again, keep the style as simple as possible.  These are very tiny vases.  They are easily overwhelmed with size and complexity if you’re not careful.

Maybe you have one especially favored collectable knick knack vase. One that I find interesting and beautiful on its own is this Vogue Mercco miniature cornucopia manufactured in New York City in the 1930s or 1940s.  The material is slag glass and is very desirable and collectable.  It’s an elaborate piece that calls for a more traditional semi-formal stylizing effect.  If you want something very fancy at an unfancy price, this is the way to go.

What do you have around the house?  Some souvenirs?  Maybe a cool toothpick holder?  I’ve seen orphaned salt or pepper shakers used to create striking miniature arrangements.  Look around and use your imagination.


The Blue Jay of Happiness likes the fact that the tiny decorations don’t take up much space in the nest.

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