Hello!  I don’t know how many folks I have just greeted.  Hopefully more than ten additional people have read headline to this bluejayblog post.  I say ten people, because that is the objective of the “World Hello Day” organizers.

Today is the 39th annual World Hello Day.  So again, Hello! Two gentlemen have collaborated to promote the event.  Brian McCormack Ph.D and Michael McCormack get the word out each year to remind people to say “hello”.  The day saw its beginning in 1973 during the Israeli-Egyptian war as a statement of peace.

They say that several Nobel Peace Prize winners have stressed the importance of the World Hello Day as being a good step in the realization of world peace.

Hello! Is the way we begin an interaction with someone else.  The idea is to use communication with words and good intentions rather than military force to attempt to resolve misunderstandings and disputes.

You don’t need to restrict yourself to the English word.  You might say bon jour, moshi moshi, salam, hola, annyeo, selam, hallo, wei dazhao hu, chao, ola’, or the word in whatever language is needed.  Whatever the translation, the word is a welcoming, peaceful and open statement of goodwill.

If possible, it’s nice to punctuate the hello with a wave of the hand, tip of the hat or a handshake.  The best gesture is a warm, genuine smile to accentuate the greeting.  This is usually automatic when we’re in the habit of saying hello.

In honor of world peace, compassionate living and friendship, I wish you a Happy World Hello Day.  Please greet ten additional people you wouldn’t ordinarily say “hello” to.  Yes, do greet your regular acquaintances, too by reminding them of this special day.


The Blue Jay of Happiness simply says, “jay jay”.

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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