Leftovers …Floral Friday

At the end of a year we often notice some loose ends or a few things we managed to neglect.  Before the last tick of 2011, I’ve been getting those little items taken care of.  I’m obsessive about such things each year.  I like to start each year with as clean of a slate as possible.

I’ve been wanting to get around to utilizing this antique jardinière that has been sitting in the basement gathering cobwebs. It’s too nice and valuable to keep downstairs, so I cleaned it up and placed a big batch of purple flowers in it.  Not only can this be shown off, but it’s now a nice focal point in the kitchen.

Lassie evidently didn’t make it home one day.  This peculiar collie head vase grabbed my attention.  I didn’t quite know what to do with the thing so I just had it sitting around waiting for inspiration to strike.  Finally, I figured that some plantings should work just about right.  The green and red helped make the head vase less gruesome.

Whoever used to own this Webster strawberry canister lost or broke the lid.  It’s a high quality piece of pottery, but canisters and jars without lids don’t fetch much on the market.  They do make excellent jardinières, though.  This project took care of two needs.  I wanted to use the strawberry and I had to utilize a big batch of dried broomgrass. 

This was a very fun project to put together, but not much fun to clean up.  The broomgrass was all bunched up and had to be separated.  I ended up with a very nasty mess of dried plant fragments on the countertop, floor and carpeting.  At least I don’t need to deal with the broomgrass anymore.

What’s sitting around your place waiting to be finished?  Now’s the time to take care of it.


The Blue Jay of Happiness enjoys the feeling of accomplishment that wrapping things up brings to mind.

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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