See And Recognize

We’re never fully satisfied.  I don’t need to be a perfectionist to notice that the world is just not satisfactory.  The fact that the world and the universe is not perfect nor satisfactory does not make me unhappy.  That’s just the way it is.

This point of view is not nihlistic at all.  Far from it.  Because we live on a finite spheroid globe with observable limitations, there is motivation to strive for a happy, fulfilling life.

Boundaries and limitations have gotten a bad rap for years.  Certainly, if I conjure up the belief that I’m not able to do something, I’d better have a good reason behind that belief.

Maybe I’ve convinced myself that it’s impossible for me to draw realistic pictures of trees.  I can go beyond that limitation by putting pencil to paper and practicing over and over until I develop the skill to sketch decent trees.

If my friend and I decide to drive his new Chevy Corvette to the moon, we have an unsatisfactory condition.  We can attend the finest motivational, positive thinking courses ever devised by the most wise gurus on earth.  Still the Corvette is just not suitable for the journey to the lunar surface.

We might make a practice of taking in exercise and consuming pure, organic foods and supplements in order to enhance our health and physical well-being.  I certainly encourage such actions, because a healthy, vibrant body enables us to also choose to enjoy a happy outlook on life and to pursue socially helpful, creative occupations.  A healthy body gives us the ability to participate in the “higher” things of life.  These are all laudable and good.

Certainly there are still feelings of dissatisfaction.  I can cover them up or deny that I have such dissatisfaction.  I can claim that I have transcended such a base emotion.  I could zone out on booze or dope.  I might decide to start a new cult or join an old one.  I might decide to escape into the world of entertainment.  After the high wears off and the hangover begins, or the disillusionment with the cult sets in. Or the entertainment becomes boring.  The dissatisfaction remains.

We’re all going to get hurt and/or become ill. Every single one of us will die.  Maybe not today, but sooner or later, we’ll fizzle out. We can either bemoan the fact or change the subject and close this webpage.  Perhaps we can use that knowledge as booster fuel to enhance and give honest, true meaning to our lives.  If I think I have no limit to my lifespan, I will likely have no driving motivation to stop procrastinating.

I’d better get going right now on my grand mission to fully live.  I only have now.  Who knows?  I could get electrocuted or meet my demise on the highway in the very near future.  Instead of fearing illness and death, I can take sickness and mortality on as personal advisors to make my life more skillful and joyful.

All we need to do is to honestly see what is going on and then recognize how we process it.  We have no choice about illness and death.  We do have a choice as to whether or not we’re going to suffer over it.  There is no escape from this truth.

It is good to see and recognize life in its rich fullness, limitations and all.  Why look the other way?


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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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