February Planters …Floral Friday

Except for Valentine’s Day, this month is rather plain and unexciting in the Midwest.  That’s fine, I like the change in pace from the past few months.  I still like to make the time feel a little bit special, so I rummage through my storage bins for unique containers for the Floral Friday posts.

Green is great to see during an overcast, grey day in wintertime.  Ivy is a good choice for this earthy, shell planter from Frankoma pottery of Oklahoma.  I enjoy the very sturdy, down home heft and texture of Frankoma pieces.  Simplicity in style was their hallmark.  For this particular planter, three shoots of ivy form the base and framework for the outline.  I wanted an unconventional style, so I added contrasting, tender flowers as highlights.

Regular bluejayblog readers know that I go out of my way to search for authentic Art Deco pottery.  I stumbled across this unique 1930s planter a few weeks ago.  I especially like this one because of its geometric stylized light rays.  The hard to find, medium blue glaze is especially pleasing to the eye.  The small berries and a subtle trio of flowers takes the abstract feel to a new level. 

I brought out a medium size, sturdy oblong planter to create a simple centerpiece for the kitchen table.  This is another Frankoma pot.  It has a warm, friendly appearance that plays off the generous portion of greenery and the brilliance of the blooms.  A cold, February evening feels warmer at dinnertime that is enhanced with this style of arrangement.
How about you?  Do you do anything special for this rather mundane month?


The Blue Jay of Happiness accepts this time of year as a chance to become centered and calmed.

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