World Day Of Social Justice

We all really need to get along together.  Sure, we learned this in grade school, but for some, the lesson was lost.  Today, is when the lesson is brought forth once again.  The event is the fourth annual World Day Of Social Justice sponsored by The United Nations.

The purpose of this commemoration is to remind us how social justice affects work towards the abolition of scarcity.  We are also reminded about how civilization is enhanced when we continue to strive for human rights and basic freedoms for every person on earth.  One aim is the achievement of full employment for all who need to work.

The World Day of Social Justice committee says that social justice is the foundation for peace and prosperous coexistence within and among the various nations of the world.  Some of the areas that are stressed include gender equality, the rights of indigenous populations and migrants.  Many advanced nations have been honestly working towards eliminating barriers of discrimination because of age, culture, disability, ethnicity, gender and race.

The United Nations has claimed the pursuit of social justice as the prime motivation in their promotion of development and human dignity.


The U.N. General Assembly has proclaimed that we should observe World Day of Social Justice in its global work to eliminate poverty, engage all in full employment in decent work.  Gender equity and access to social well-being are paramount.  And of course, justice for all people on earth is necessary.

I hope you can find time today to remember the important work that fair-minded individuals are doing for all of us.


The Blue Jay of Happiness remembers today’s motto, “Social Justice and Decent Life for All”.

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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