Old Stuff

As time goes by, stuff gets old.  That seems self-evident.  But we don’t usually give much thought to that fact.

The brand new desktop computer we first bought, years ago, was a sparkling, fresh appliance.  There was the challenge of how to use it.  There was the box itself.  We had to plug in a keyboard and monitor.  We might or might not have gotten speakers.  We soon found out that books and manuals were necessary because the computer seemed to always have some sort of problems.  Many of us remember spending hours just getting that first computer to work efficiently.

Now, my first computer sits in my dad’s spare bedroom, unused and gathering cobwebs.  I’ve gone through yet another desktop unit and two laptop computers before getting the present notebook.  Of course there are tablet PCs and smartphones now.  I don’t need either, yet.  I wonder how I will justify the purchase of one or both.  Can they be used for building a blog?  They’re small, though and the display sizes are tiny.

That’s one of the problems with the new stuff.  It collides with me as I get older.  My eyes and manual dexterity are slowly diminishing.  Tablet PCs have small screens.  And where is the tactile feel of a keyboard?  Smartphones are even smaller with correspondingly dinky screens.  My “old” cellphone is small enough, and I have to squint to read the screen on it.  I think I’ll stick with the old stuff for awhile.

I have somehow inherited the habit of collecting old stuff.  There are bonafide antiques at home.  Much of the old stuff is vintage, which means it’s newer than 100 years of age.  Lots of my stuff is just plain old stuff.

It simply accumulates.  Friends and acquaintances give me an old thing or two, or I find old stuff at  garage sales.  The temptations of pottery from eBay are ever present.  Some of the things in storage have remained since my youth.

At one time, we were brand-new, fresh infant humans.  We learned the basics of operating ourselves in society from parents, teachers and peers.  We made or found a place to be useful to ourselves and civilization.  Then we noticed that age has been happening.  We’ve become old stuff.  Even if we keep up to date with the latest information and techniques, up and coming people just see us as old stuff.

What they don’t realize, is that my physical body they see might be old stuff, but inside, I’m loaded with new stuff.  My mind has an appreciation for the antique, vintage and historical.  I also am mesmerized with the future’s possibilities.  Most of all, I’m really into the present moment.  I remain, at my core, a man of the now.


The Blue Jay of Happiness wonders if you have some favorite old stuff, too.

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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