Tiny Stuff

The other day, the impact of tiny things upon our larger life was brought to my attention.  One of the tires on my car had developed an extremely slow air leak.  A week prior, I saw that the right rear tire looked a bit low.  I pumped it up and gave it only a passing thought.  Five days later, the tire looked low again.  I pumped it up and then drove to the tire store for a repair.

When the car was finished, the sales clerk told me that I only had a small puncture.  He then gave me a very tiny steel screw.  The clerk said that it’s very rare that such a small screw could go through a tire.  The conditions had to be just right.  In this case the screw had somehow gotten in place while a larger gravel stone immediately pressed against it to force it through the tire material.  The clerk said that is the only explanation he could think of to explain such a quirky bit of damage.  Another customer and I had a good laugh over it.  But I did continue to puzzle over such a strange occurance. 

I also thought about how other tiny things can impact our lives.  The most obvious tiny things are those that have dogged humans for the millenia that we’ve been a species.  Microbes like bacteria and viri have greatly affected our lives by causing illness and death.  We’ve all been stricken by some sorts of microbes during our lives.  The rhinovirus varieties cause the common cold.  There are numbers of tiny organisms that our body fights off constantly 24/7.  Sometimes the immune system can’t handle the job quickly enough, then we must weather the onslaught of a colony of microbes setting up camp within the body.  Sometimes with fatal, for us, results.

Many times, we invent tiny things just for the curiosity value of them.  I’ve enjoyed minatures for many years.  I’ve been intrigued by early versions of small radios, tv sets and cameras.  Now that digital technology has been around awhile, these things are not only common, but have been absorbed into other technology.  We’ve been able to listen to radio, watch teevee and take still and video on tiny phones for a few years.  Yet, it’s rather fun to discover tiny things that are little, just for conversation’s sake.

The keychain camera is cute, but because it’s a cheap chinese curiosity, the thing has never worked, ever.  I bought it on impulse during a going out of business clearance sale. Thinking of cameras, the impact of digital photography has all but eliminated conventional photography from our world.  It’s challenging to find a retail display of film for a camera these days.  I have a few rolls to use in my two old SLRs and the old technology point-and-shoot cameras.  I haven’t gotten around to using them lately, because I have three nice point-and-shoot digital cameras that are much more convenient and flexible.  Goodbye Kodak and Fujifilm.

Tiny things go beyond small toys and consumer electronics like cameras, phones and iPods.  The microtechnology is being used in medical applications and aerospace industries.  Stuff is being developed for secret use by military forces.  If we can imagine it, digital and micro stuff is being used.


The Blue Jay of Happiness says there are lots of tiny things being used on a large scale in our world today.

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