World Water Day

If I was appointed to rename our planet, the new name would have something to do with water.  I’ve heard the word “Oceania” several times from different areas of study.  I think I’d go with “Oceania”.  It has a pleasant vibe to it.  It fits the planet better than the name “earth”, too.

If you just casually look at a common globe of the earth, you can notice that the vast majority of the surface of our planet is covered with ocean water.  This aspect is of critical importance to us humans.

The climate patterns and daily weather are driven by the water/atmospheric dynamic of our planet.  It’s water that makes our planet unique among the rest of the solar system.   Aside from orbital position, water is what has made life as we know it prolific.  That’s why I think we should be known as the water planet or Oceania.

Water is a common ingredient in our lives each day.  In fact, our bodies are largely made up of water.  People are water critters.  We absolutely must take in water each day.  The refreshment of water enables our bodies to function.  If we are unable to drink water, thirst will take over our urges, our reptilian brain will focus on acquiring water.  Our very survival is at stake.  When thirst is slaked, then we go about our regular activities.

Aside from drinking water, we bathe or shower in it, we use it for cooking.  We clean our homes and vehicles with water.  We utilize it for transporting sewage.  Water is also used to generate electricity, either through hydro turbines from dammed up rivers or as steam produced by heat from nuclear reactors or geothermal sources.


Given the importance of water, it’s quite surprising how carelessly we regard it.  I guess familiarity breeds contempt.  Chemical runoff from farms, lawns and golf courses threatens our drinking water supplies.  The contamination is absorbed by fish and other animals that depend upon freshwater streams and lakes.  Then people who eat those fish and animals take in the pollution.  We’ve read and heard the stories so often that most of us just tune them out.

The importance of water in our lives is what has driven many non-governmental organizations along with the United Nations to set aside March 22nd as World Water Day.  This year’s theme is “Water and Food Security: The World Is Thirsty Because We Are Hungry”.  This is a project of the Food and Agriculture Organization.

World Water Day is important as a way to focus and plan on ways to maintain and improve the world’s useable water resources.  The integrity of our water will present crucial challenges to humanity this year and in years to come.

Have a meaningful World Water Day today.


The Blue Jay of Happiness recommends serving yourself a clear tumbler full of cool water, then slowly savoring it while expressing your gratitude for the miraculous liquid of life.

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2 Responses to World Water Day

  1. wartica says:

    Same to you; this should be happening everyday, but this is a start:)

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