Modernistic …Floral Friday

There are times I just want to creatively let loose.  I’ve long harbored a yen for contemporary and experimental styles of painting, sculpture, music, drama, architecture and floral design.  Most of the time, the vintage feel predominates.  But this week, I really wanted to just play around and feel a bit on the cutting edge.

The vase that triggered my mood is this coral pink Haeger piece.  It’s an older vase, but not really vintage.  The rectangular shape is softened by the teardrop cutout and the rounded edges.  A contrasting floral style is called for.  I went with jagged and pointy flowers and leaves.  The three lilies tie the composition together with color.

The jet black Japanese vase by Toyo has been sitting on my shelf for several years, never used.  I decided to finally polish up the thing and put it to work on a radical styling exercise. It’s a starkly modern feel with lots of shapes and textures with a rich tri-color scheme to offset the black pottery. This vase is going to see some more future projects.

Modernistic style was big in the late 1950s and through the 1960s.  This mid-century planter by Red Wing fits the bill perfectly.  I really wanted to express a futuristic vision with tropical plants.  Plants from rainforest climates almost look like life from an alien world.  They’re perfect for those times when you’re also in the mood for some science fiction. Not only that, but the exotics are fun to use.

Now, I finally feel updated.


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1 Response to Modernistic …Floral Friday

  1. SoundEagle says:

    I tend to stay away from modern decors, vases, pots and planters as I deem them to be often somewhat sterile, monochromatic and/or monothematic, lacking in design, pattern and texture. However, I am very impressed by your floral arrangements here, even though there are stark contrasts between the modern vases and your arrangements.

    Of the three, I like the last one best.

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