Merci Beaucoup

I hope I never take the Internet for granted.  Every day something I find here astonishes me.  It’s not always the whiz-bang arcane tidbit of knowledge, even though that’s often the case.

What I find most amazing, is that people actually read bluejayblog.  People, not just friends who politely make their way here to see what’s on my mind.  I mean people from all over the planet.  I mean people from 37 nations click their way to bluejayblog now and then.

If you come here regularly or just now and then, I say Merci Beaucoup or Thank You very much. 

Of course there are the hundreds of folks from the USA.  I checked over my statistics to see where else my readers live and found some countries that I expected to see, and many I never expected ever to see, there were a few ommissions that I had hoped to see.  Disc jockeys love top ten lists, so here’s the bluejayblog Top Ten Readership Countries:

1. United States. 2. United Kingdom 3. Canada 4. New Zealand 5. India 6. Czech Republic 7. Australia 8. Pakistan 9. Spain 10. Mexico

I was most surprised to find Pakistan and Spain in the top readers list.  I was disappointed that nobody from Scandinavia showed up.  I guess I’m not surprised that nobody from Communist China showed up, nor from Saudi Arabia.  My messages probably don’t pass the censors in those nations.

Further down the list, I was happy to find that I’ve touched base with folks in the Philippines, Indonesia, Senegal, Israel and Sri Lanka.  I was happy to find readers from The Netherlands, Taiwan, Lithuania, Thailand, Hong Kong, Poland, Turkey, Serbia, and Belgium.  I was glad to find Italy in the mix because of my interest in ancient Rome..

I was delighted to find that some people in Brazil, Peru and Argentina saw fit to check out the bluejayblog.  France and Germany are places I expected to see and did. 

It’s great to know that you are keeping in touch with this place on the web.  Please know that your visits are appreciated very much.


The Blue Jay of Happiness loves friends from all over.  The more, the merrier!

About swabby429

An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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