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Merci Beaucoup

I hope I never take the Internet for granted.  Every day something I find here astonishes me.  It’s not always the whiz-bang arcane tidbit of knowledge, even though that’s often the case. What I find most amazing, is that people … Continue reading

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Modernistic …Floral Friday

There are times I just want to creatively let loose.  I’ve long harbored a yen for contemporary and experimental styles of painting, sculpture, music, drama, architecture and floral design.  Most of the time, the vintage feel predominates.  But this week, … Continue reading

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World Water Day

If I was appointed to rename our planet, the new name would have something to do with water.  I’ve heard the word “Oceania” several times from different areas of study.  I think I’d go with “Oceania”.  It has a pleasant … Continue reading

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Sympathetic Joy

We can experience and imagine very positive, uplifting mental states.  Top states of mind in most people’s lists include, satisfaction, happiness, relief, ecstasy, euphoria, gladness, compassion, gratitude and joy. There is another positive, uplifting state of mind that is often … Continue reading

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In as much as us taxpayers of the U.S. have been pumping billions of dollars into the Middle East, I thought it might be helpful to look into one of the major holidays of that region.  So, let’s begin with … Continue reading

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SS Georgiana

Who can resist amazing coincidences?  An astonishing find by the then teenaged diver E. Lee Spence happened on this day in 1965.  The shipwreck of the SS Georgiana was discovered off the coast of South Carolina near Charleston. The Georgiana … Continue reading

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Body Scan

A few times each year, someone seriously asks me what I do to unwind.  They might be stressed out or feel a slight bit of anxiety.  My answer to them is that I perform a body scan. There are two … Continue reading

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