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Springtime, coming of age, fertility rites, Bacchanalia, Agnonalia, Liberalia traditionally come together on the 17th of Martius (March) in the parade of Roman holidays. The most ancient of the holidays, Agonalia was the day of sacrifices to only the highest … Continue reading

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Animal Planters …Floral Friday

One of the pitfalls of collecting pottery is that there is such a huge variety of makers, types, styles, shapes, eras and intended uses.  It’s very tough to focus on only one or a few types of pottery.  Eventually you … Continue reading

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Should Versus Is

The calendar tells me today is the Ides Of March.  It’s the middle of the month.  The word root of the word Ides is Idus.  Ides is defined as the half-division.  The Ides of March was a particularly festive day in … Continue reading

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The Bad Guy

Humanity has experienced a love, hate relationship with villany for many, many centuries.  In contemporary culture, we have a host of villains from whom to choose. There are the blatantly horrifying ones like Norman Bates from “Psycho”, or Phyllis Dietrichson … Continue reading

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Three Magic Words

The art of maintaining relationships is a tricky one.  The skills include tip-toeing through mine fields of hair trigger emotional traps that are set by your coworkers, friends, lover and yourself.  Sometimes it seems that life would be a whole … Continue reading

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Cyber Censorship

Freedom of information goes hand in hand with freedom of thought.  I’d wager that you harbor the same opinion as I do regarding what we read, hear, view and disseminate.  Many of us believe that we enjoy pretty much complete … Continue reading

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Internal Timing

Have you ever thought about how you coordinate a thought with physical action?  Basic synchronization is something that we not only can do instinctively, but something we learn to do well. If you’ve ever watched a small child learn to … Continue reading

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