No News

On this date, way back in 1930, an amazing statement was made on the air over the British Broadcasting company.  The on air news “presenter” announced, “Good evening. Today is Good Friday. There is no news.”   Wow! Can you imagine that?

I wonder if there really was no news at all or if the news department couldn’t scrape up something “newsworthy” that morning. 

Did people not get murdered in wars that day?  Were no domestic acts of violence nor crimes against property that day?  Was nobody born nor did anyone die on April 18, 1930?  Were no frauds perpetrated? No bad weather?  No scandalous behavior by politicians or clergy? Not one single, solitary event?

If you ask me, that, in itself, is newsworthy.

What if we had no news at all today?  I can just hear somebody on Fox or CNN announce, “Good morning, today is April 18th, 2012. There is no news today.  We couldn’t even find the energy to make something up or twist some facts. Due to the fact that there is no news today, we now offer you these beautiful scenes of children, puppies, kittens and flowery meadows.  Have a lovely, news free day.”

Can you just savor that image for awhile?

I won’t spoil today either.  Here is some silence and a pleasant photo from the past.


The Blue Jay of Happiness hopes you have plenty of smiles on this no news day, today.

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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