Administrative Professionals’ Day

I consulted my Day Planner just now and found out that today is Secretary’s Day in North America.  To be politically correct, I need to adjust the name to “Administrative Professionals’ Day” as I make a notation of it for next year. 

Administrative Professionals or secretaries are vital workers in business and professional organizations.  I know how they perform the nuts and bolts of coordinating appointments and meetings, juggling schedules, processing documents and hundreds of other tasks that other workers don’t see or that are simply taken for granted. 

I have worked in small offices where duties are sometimes shared.  The most trying times for me, happened when the secretary or office manager took a sick day or left for vacation.  I had to handle grumpy clients, ringing phones, executives who expected kid glove treatment, plus document creation and processing.  The jobs happened pretty much all at once.  Secretaries were probably the first folks to understand multitasking.  Now that I don’t have access to a secretary or administrative professional to grease the skids for my day to day life, I really understand their importance. 

If you are lucky enough to have secretaries/administrative professionals, I hope you remembered to bring a nice gift or to take them out to lunch.  If you did remember, are you sure you did so on your own?  Are you sure that your secretary didn’t discreetly place a reminder at your workstation?



The Blue Jay of Happiness says thank you to all the secretaries and administrative professionals for the many things you do each day.

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