Flower Pots …Floral Friday

Many of us were first exposed to flower culture by seeing or using basic flower pots.  My mom enjoyed raising African Violets in small glazed or terra cotta flower pots placed near the south windows.  Various aunts and uncles used flower pots for other cheerful houseplants, too.  There’s a simple, home style feel about the basic flower pot.

Vintage pots are fun to collect.  There are many old ones that feature interesting, inscribed stylings and glazes. The McCoy pottery company had dozens of designs and sizes in their day.  I used this African Violet pot as the foundation for a radical splash of sunflowers and fuzzy mums.  This is just a fun way to play around with form and color.

If you look at the succulents and cacti, you’ll see that they are at home in a standard, terra cotta flower pot.  I buried it into the soil to create a way to segregate the different watering needs of the plantings.  The square glass pan is also home to various flowering plants combined into a rock garden.  It features a selection of stones gathered from a nearby river.

I certainly wanted to show off a more traditional way of using flower pots.  I have a well worn, stained medium-small yellow Shawnee pot.  I couldn’t resist using some good old fashioned marigolds inside of it.

How about it?  You might have some old flower pots around the home somewhere that could use some new flowers or an arrangement.  Cheap and basic flower pots are good and fun places to start your creative efforts.


The Blue Jay of Happiness appreciates your comments.

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