World No Tobacco Day

Plenty of my readers and friends have either smoked tobacco or continue to do so.  Most of us have at least been acquainted with friends and relatives who have or continue to smoke or use tobacco in some manner.  I know, first hand, about tobacco use.  I used to be a two and a half pack per day user of tobacco cigarettes. 

In the late 1980s, I’d finally had enough.  I finally focused on the goal of halting my harmful, very expensive habit.  It took many tries.  I could only quit for a day, then I’d be back at it with a vengeance.  I would rather give up food than cigarettes.  However, I still vowed to stop smoking.  My absolute criteria was that I’d quit if I developed a smoker’s cough.

I did start coughing.  It was annoying and frightful.  It was then that I visited my physician with the fully serious intention of quitting the tobacco addiction.  It was February of 1989 that I finally struggled and followed through.  I thought I was going to go insane with craving for awhile, but I did it.  With the aid of Wrigley’s Spearmint gum and celery stalks, I managed to do it.  I had a gum habit for another year, then I kicked that, too.

Compounding my body’s craving was opposition from the tobacco industry.  At the same time I was going through withdrawal symptoms, coupons for free packs of cigarettes and dollars off coupons for cartons regularly arrived in my mailbox.  I gave many away to my still smoking friends, others were brand specific.  I destroyed them.

I use my own experiences to let you know that I believe in the importance of World No Tobacco Day, today.  The purpose of today’s commemoration is to urge tobacco users to quit for 24 hours.  This action is aimed at people in all nations of the world.

The World Health Organization picks a different theme each year as their message for World No Tobacco Day.  The focus of the theme is used as the agenda during the year for their efforts to combat tobacco addiction and related illness and death. 

The theme that is being introduced today is, “Stop Tobacco Industry Interference”.  For obvious reasons, the tobacco industry is unhappy with efforts to halt the use of their products.   There are aggressive actions designed to defeat anti use legislation and education campaigns in many nations by pro-tobacco forces.  The industry is even going so far as to sue nations who require health warnings on tobacco packaging.

The public health and safety is at grave risk because of tobacco use.  I hope you’ll join me in commemorating World No Tobacco Day in spirit and in deed.  If you’re one of my friends or acquaintences and you smoke, please don’t be offended.  Do know that I want you to enjoy a healthy, happy life.  I know, from personal experience how liberating it feels to go through the struggle and come out a winner.

If you are trying to quit, but are having much difficulty, I urge you to talk with your physician.  He or she is fully knowledgeable in the latest techniques to help you break free of tobacco addiction.  Quitting tobacco will literally give you a new lease on life. 


The Blue Jay of Happiness suggests this link for more information:

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