Even More Haeger Pottery …Floral Friday

Some of you might have the impression that I enjoy Haeger and Royal Haeger pottery.  Well, you’re correct.  The level of artistry, quality and glazes have impressed me as something sensual and almost indulgent.

If Mary had a little lamb, it might have been depicted as this stylized planter from the 1930s.  Haeger obviously targeted the new moms of the day or those who wanted to get a small gift to accent a nursery room.  The nice thing about this piece is that it’s styling makes it more adaptable to older age groups and not just tiny tots.

I don’t usually display pieces later than mid century in my home nor on this blog, but I do make exceptions for quality items.  This handsome, mid size Haeger vase was manufactured in the 1970s.  It’s a classic, clean, basic style that features a rich, deep glaze that is simply elegant.

The label attached to the bottom of this lavender vase says “1965”.  This 13-inch tall piece is an example of fine quality, standard pottery, manufactured in the United States.  Easy, graceful style is the aim of pottery like this.  A collection of late spring, early summer plants are a good way to show off the glaze color.

Haeger, and in many cases, Royal Haeger are still easy to find in the second hand and vintage wares shops.  The prices for most are quite reasonable.  There are other pieces that are somewhat rare, or one of a kind boutique specialties that fetch several hundred dollars apiece.  Whatever your budget and tastes dictate, you’ll likely find some pleasing Haeger Potteries items for your home or office.


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