Some More Wallpockets …Floral Friday

A little storage and display nook in my bathroom had some ceiling damage that needed repair this month.  So I needed to remove everything so the fix-it job could proceed.  I hope that the repairman doesn’t mind a free plug.

While Andrew Davis of Winside, Nebraska did the dirty work, I redid a couple of wallpockets to hang after the ceiling work was done.  I’m glad I only had to do the finishing touches, because I have no clue about drywall ceiling repair.

The Hull ribbon vase wallpocket is hard to match because the glaze is an unusual color and tint.  The shape of the container is hard to adapt to modern tastes, too.  I think I found a happy medium between vintage and modern styling with the final result.


The trough style, unlabled wallpocket had contained an Autumn arrangement.  I wanted a four-season treatment instead.  Plus, I wanted to coordinate it with the first wallpocket.

The end product of both works on the wall of the cubbyhole.  I still need to patch some holes and touch up the wall paint after I paint the new ceiling.  But I was eager to see how the two arrangements would work out.

While I waited for Andrew to begin his repair work, I came across an old wallpocket styled like a bunch of grapes.  It put me in the mood for lots of purple.  This was really fun.  Not only that, but my eyes were happy with the finished project.  It’s enhancing a wall in my dining room.

I’ve got to finish cleaning up the bathroom and the cubbyhole so I can put everything back in place.  I’m eager to get completely back to normal in that part of the house.


The Blue Jay of Happiness hopes you can come across a wallpocket vase so you can try your hand at simple wall adornment.

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