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The political year will feature an escalation in the practice of moralizing by politicians and commentators.  In many cases, the people practicing moralism will enlist the endorsement of religious figures and much quoting of scriptural texts will take place.  Already, … Continue reading

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Mid Year Projects …Floral Friday

Next Wednesday is Summer Solstice, so I’d better wrap up the last of my spring projects and chores.  We’ll be halfway through the season count already.  I’ve got a batch of vintage containers sitting around that need to either be … Continue reading

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U.S. Flag Day

As a child, I grew up under three different U.S. flags.  As a family, we owned one of each.  I started out under the 48 star flag.  For about a year, dad flew the 49 star flag.  He retired that … Continue reading

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Go Rin No Sho

Go Rin No Sho is perhaps the most popular Japanese book of strategy and wisdom sold and followed in the west.  Most readers know it as The Book Of Five Rings by Musashi.  It first gained notice as a manual … Continue reading

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Jeron Criswell King

My old college pal, Nick, was in town a couple of weekends ago.  We enjoyed dinner together and caught up on each other’s lives.  Inevitably, we became nostalgic and recounted some of our very odd memories. Both of us used … Continue reading

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Tibetan Monks

Every few weeks I’m saddened by hearing or reading news reports of yet another Tibetan monk burning himself to death. The self-immolations are a desperate form of plea to the world for the preservation of the ancient culture and the … Continue reading

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Heat And Humidity

There are many days in late spring and well into summer that I have thought to create a shrine to Willis Carrier.  The Mr. Carrier, the inventor of modern air conditioning.  I think a handsome portrait of Mr. Carrier in … Continue reading

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