I was just a young boy when I heard my very first eye-witness tale about an encounter with an unidentified flying object.   Our family was eating supper while grampa J recounted some events from his earlier years.

He was working as a hired hand on a farm in Wayne County, Nebraska after graduating from college.  As his employer and he were cultivating corn one afternoon, they were alarmed to find a long, cigar shaped vehicle of some sort hovering near the telephone wires at the side of a county road.  Both men remember it as smaller than a dirigible and it was black colored.  The vehicle remained in the same place for about ten or 15 minutes then suddenly “shooting away” in a silent flash of bright light. 

Both of the young men were frightened and puzzled by the strange hovering craft.  The boss called the U.S. Army signal corps to report the sighting.  Evidently, nobody in the Army knew what it was either.  I was curious about grampa J’s story, so I grilled him for details.  He said it wasn’t the Graf Zeppelin or a Navy blimp.  The vehicle was too small and flew much too quickly to be either one of them.  As far as grampa was concerned, it was probably a top secret weapon being tested by the U.S. War Department.

That was the day I joined the rest of the world in its fascination with UFOs, flying saucers, creatures from distant planets, outer space and science fiction.  Life just couldn’t be any better for a young boy in 1959.  Or could it?

The next year, our family visited mom’s grandparents near Winner, South Dakota.  Great gramma Katy always treated us like royalty and usually found something with which to delight her great grandchildren.  Our common interest turned out to be science fiction.  She was an avid reader of sci-fi stories.  We had great fun talking about outer space adventure tales.  When it was time for the family to return home, great gramma Katy gave me two big stacks of science fiction magazines bound in twine.  I was beside myself with joy. 

Since then, like many other folks, I’ve heard other UFO stories from friend and family members.  Many might be true but most are likely embellished a bit.  I don’t know for sure, I can only go on faith that the stories are somewhat close to being factual and not much based upon wishful thinking or imagination.

Today is World UFO Day.  This is the day when UFO advocates and believers encourage the rest of us to scan the skies for evidence of flying saucers, alien craft and other unidentified flying objects. 

If anything else, you might wish to organize your own, neighborhood skywatching party.  Even if the sky becomes overcast and rains, you still can party hearty.  Maybe guests can dress up like little green men or “grays”.  Partiers can sip drinks and tell stories about their own encounters.

It’s a great time to socialize.  Who knows, you might be lucky enough to spot a flying saucer, or maybe a whole squadron of them.


The Blue Jay of Happiness recommends the official website link.  http://www.worldufoday.com/

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