Rustic Yellows …Floral Friday

Here we find ourselves in the first weekend of July.  Summertime in Nebraska is locked and loaded as some of my more conservative acquaintances say.  I think of the many hot, dusty, sweltering days of a rural Great Plains summer.  Nothing quite brings this out than rustic yellow flower arrangements.

When I think of a hot midwestern July day, I know that sunflowers of some sort are going to be found.  They come as a food crop, a smaller decorative flower, or a wild, feral plant.  Anyway they appear, they’re rough and ready for the harsh climate found in rural America.  This faux watering can has the look and feel of an old farmer’s garden tool.  The galvanized steel and funky sunflowers work well together.

It’s time to gussy up the kitchen with a vintage Royal Copley wallpocket.  This one, inspired by a salt safe, could easily have come out of a farm kitchen.  While the yellow theme works wonders for summertime display use, I intend this as a year-around decoration in my own town kitchen. 




Yes, I had to feature something from Haeger Pottery today.  The rural style of the planter pot is the perfect home for some blooms that grow on the porch of an ol’ farmplace.  Nothing complicated about this.  Just a casual, relaxed accent for a lazy afternoon cooling off with some friends.


The Blue Jay of Happiness likes to while away the hours in some old trees in the shelter belt.  If you don’t know what a shelter belt is, you’re not countryfied.

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