Taking A Break

I looked at my events calendar this morning and saw that not much is going on aside from Furrinalia.  At first, I thought to write a pleasant but short essay about the rather obscure holiday.

I looked into the special celebration and found out that even the later Roman citizens knew very little about the Goddess to whom Furrinalia is dedicated.  In fact, there is some debate as to what the Goddess Furrina was all about.  Some experts claim she is one of the deities of springs and waters.  Other authorities say she had something to do with thieves and the underworld.  Whoever she is and whatever she represents will require some more investigation on my part.  That investigation will last well beyond the Furrinalia holiday this year.  Since that’s the case, I’m taking some time off from the usual bluejayblog post.

I’m not going to do one of those blog posts that are just a list of advice tips.  I figure that there are other folks who are better able to offer those than me.  There are entire websites devoted to relaxation and chilling out.  Why should I knock myself out today on Furrinalia?

I thought of just relaxing in a meadow somewhere for awhile.   But then I realized that meadows around here are filled with lots of creepy-crawlies.  Little insects that dine on mammalian creatures like me.  Whenever I see photos of folks laying in a pasture, I wonder if care was taken to avoid livestock waste residue.  I also hope that insect repellant was applied to ward off ticks, chiggers and other critters that suck blood.

I’ll probably head off to the library, instead.  It’s nice there.  They have many shelves filled with interesting books, audio and video materials.  What’s not to like about that?  Plus, it’s a reasonably quiet place and they have a brand new air conditioning system.

I’ll come home to a small, but tasty lunch.  Then a short, noontime meditation will top it off.

This afternoon a short walk on the Cowboy Trail south of town is anticipated.  It’s one of my favorite places.  It’s also appropriate for Furrinalia because the trail runs parallel to the Elkhorn River for a few miles there.

Tonight, a special pal will be over for some quality time with nothing in particular being planned.  Perhaps we can have a humble Furrinalia supper?  Neither of us will go to much of a bother.

I noticed that I have a list of things to do already.  That’s OK, because it’s not a hard and fast list.  It’s only a sketchy outline.  I’m comfortable with that.

Happy Furrinalia.


The Blue Jay of Happiness is also taking a break from his daily routine of harrassing squirrels.  He’ll be dreaming about what might lie outside of his territorial boundaries.

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