A Bit Of Kitsch …Floral Friday

There is a place for cheap, cheesy knick knacks in everyone’s environment.  It all depends upon one’s sense of taste and sense of humor.  At times we get to feeling a bit high on our horses so we need to bring ourselves down a notch or two.

That’s where kitsch comes in.  The place in my head that sympathizes with cute cheesiness likes to indulge itself with themed planters and vases.  One of the best features of these things, is that they can be found inexpensively at garage sales and second-hand stores for a song.

The little duckling has just hatched from his egg.  The shell forms the planter well to hold a small plant or mini arrangement.  So I chose only a few blooms to accent the little duck.

Designed for a curio shelf, this pair of blue jay fledglings sit on a nest styled by Ruben Originals manufactured in Japan.  Of course, I couldn’t resist this planter.  The too cute birdies are guarding the splash of mid-summer flowers that harmonize with the subtle coloring of this kitschy piece.

Who could resist a 1930s diva with a gift of a posy?  There is no brand nor artist’s name on this clever vase.  The smallest possible flowers are necessary to pull off a charming look.  There’s just enough innocent suggestability with the petticoats to make you grin.


I saved the best kitsch for last.  Alladin and his Genie are depicted in this carefully stylized planter of Japanese origin.  A more extravagant grouping of flowers is called for in the highly detailed vase.  The whole idea is to bring a sense of imagination and wonder to the eye.

Where have you stashed your kitsch?  We all have at least one or two things that qualify.  Let your hair down and enjoy it.


The Blue Jay of Happiness feels like slumming today.

About swabby429

An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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1 Response to A Bit Of Kitsch …Floral Friday

  1. SoundEagle says:

    Hi Blue Jay of Happiness,

    I love your floral art and planters. Are those flowers real or artificial? Either is fine by me, though artificial ones can be enjoyed for a long time.


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