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Toot Your Own Horn?

Many years ago, when I first began my career in broadcasting, the advertising manager addressed a staff meeting.  He made a statement that has stuck with me ever since then.  “If you want to get anywhere in life,  you have … Continue reading

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We’re in the doldrums between Independence Day and Labor Day with little else to celebrate.  That is, unless you’re like me and have a little fun with ancient Roman holidays.  At this time of year, the Romans had a rather … Continue reading

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When Do You Want To Be?

As an assignment in my 1968 high school Creative Writing class, we were told to write an essay about the era in which we wished we could live if we were not allowed to live in the present era.  It … Continue reading

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The Battle Of Orleans

The morning started out as yet another hot, humid Cape Cod day for people in Orleans, Massachusetts.  On July 21st, 1918, the Imperial German Navy’s SM U-156 U-Boat began firing shells at Orleans and Nauset Beach.  The submarine then sent … Continue reading

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Dutch Treats …Floral Friday

Thinking back on some of my travels brings me joy when I remember the kind hearted friends I’ve made and the wonderful sights and culture of the places I’ve seen. This is even more poignant if you’ve only gotten a … Continue reading

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Capital City

It’s in the midst of the Great Depression of the 1930s.  The place is Franklin, the capital city of the state of Kanewa.  A fictional locale situated in the center of the Great Plains of the United States.  The city … Continue reading

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One of the facts of human behavior that has astonished me since childhood is that we kill one another over opinions.   Certainly our species kills one another for other reasons similar to those of other species, territorial claims, self preservation … Continue reading

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