Prickly Pleasures …Floral Friday

The recent heat and droughtlike conditions in much of the U.S. remind me of a desert.  I guess that living in Nebraska also means I live in the so-called “Great American Desert” as this place was once dubbed by the settlers and pioneers of the 1800s.

Many deserts, especially in the Americas, are home to various types of cacti and succulent plants.  Cactus plants are also simple and attractive to keep in the home.  They’re especially good for people who don’t enjoy the benefits of a green thumb.  All you really need is a small space at a sunny window and to remember, once in awhile, to add a little water.  If you want to get a bit creative, make certain to wear protective, padded gloves and use small gardening tools when repotting.

I’m fond of creating a theme corner in a room to add the spirit of fun.  Last year, I refurbished the horse lamp and its Venetian shade.  In front of the horse is a base for a small plant.  I placed a young, prickly cactus there for good effect.  This week, I needed to transplant one of my cacti into a larger dish.  This terra cotta planter decorated with a desert vista fits the bill perfectly.  To soften the appearance slightly, I placed some dried desert flowers into the sand.

Maybe you only want a very low maintenance solitary succulent to bring some life to the windowsill.  This example found a home inside a souvenir I bought in Santa Fe.  You could also plant a prickly pear or other young, small cactus in a pot like this.  Amerindian pottery lends itself to simple, but bold treatments like this. Be sure to line the pot with Saran Wrap or other plastic wrap to protect the pottery and your furniture.

The faded turquoise glaze of this vintage McCoy footed planter is home to an Arizona succulent. I decided to use some artificial flowers and a wooden prop to stylize this into more of an arrangement.

A colorful, very large antique jardinière has been sitting around empty while I was stumped as to what to place into it.  Finally, I figured that it would be perfect for an extra deluxe container garden for cacti.  I filled the jardinière with a topsoil and sand mixture then had fun composing the garden.  There are three cacti enhanced with some dry and artificial flowers for effect.  I raided my collection of rocks and stones so I could place several onto the top of the sandy soil as a finishing touch.  Because the container is an antique, I utilized a heavy duty plastic liner to prevent damage and seepage to and from the crazing in the glaze surface.

Now I have several low maintenance plantings for the home.  Are you inspired?


The Blue Jay of Happiness hopes you get a creative spark from these Friday offerings.

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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5 Responses to Prickly Pleasures …Floral Friday

  1. SoundEagle says:

    Your creative succulent gardens in attractive pots are very enticing! Happy August to you!

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