Creative Burst …Floral Friday

The afternoon started out slightly lazy.  I wasn’t feeling particularly ambitious nor creative, but I was still in a happy go lucky mood.  I looked at the batch of pottery on the floor and glanced at a supply of flowers and greenery.  I decided that I needed to take care of them both.

I started with a small pitcher vase with swirl finish glaze.  I chuckled over the printing on the bottom, “souvenir of Grand Island, Nebraska”.  To enhance the swirl theme of the vase, I decided to put together a crazy quilt variety of blooms and colors.  At least I wanted as many small blooms as could reasonably fit into such a tiny container.


Continuing with the light-hearted approach, I picked up the next container.  One I couldn’t resist.  It’s a terra cotta copy of a metal coffee can.  This is not a container for a serious, formal arrangement.  So I gathered up some big, bold blooms and arranged them into an ad hoc style. This was so fun.

A medium-small 1930s mustard yellow fan vase inspired me to do a variation on dark primary colors.  There are at least two shades each of red, blue and yellow in the entire composition.  It looks somewhat old fashioned, but the scheme is completely contemporary.

A decorated antique vase by Puritan Potteries looked like another candidate for the fusion of old and modern.  The underglaze decoration of the 1920s Art Deco container provided the color scheme of the variety of large size blooms that I placed into the vase.  I based the shape on a traditional form, but deviated greatly in species and colors of flowers used.

I had several more creative ideas burst forth.  I’ll present them in later posts.

Meantime, think outside the box or vase.


The Blue Jay of Happiness loves to let go whenever those creative Bursts come about.

About swabby429

An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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