Oh, What A Feeling….

On August 28, 1937, Kiichiro Toyoda launched a new division of his father’s Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd.  A company that was to eventually affect millions of Japanese and people worldwide.

It was time to officially establish the Toyoda Motor Company, Ltd. The Toyoda Model AA was its first mass produced vehicle.  Later that year, following a contest to find a new trademark to represent speed for the car.  The eventual result was a change of the name from Toyoda, to Toyota.  The corporate leaders thought that the name was more marketable.  Also, the Japanese version of the name has an eight-stroke count.  The word meant wealth and good fortune.

Apparently the name change has been very good for Toyota Motor Corporation.  Last month, Toyota reported the 200,000,000th Toyota had rolled off the assembly lines.  In revenue, TMC is number nine, globally.  Ranked by production, TMC is number two.

TMC’s main offices are located in Toyota City, Aichi, Japan. The organization oversees the manufacture of motor vehicles and other products like robots and industrial equipment.

The current corporate logo was introduced in 1989 on the company’s 50th anniversary.  The three ovals configured in a “T” shape have a corporate definition.  The smaller, inner ovals represent the mutually beneficial relationship and trust between the customer and the company. The large, surrounding oval shows the global expansion of Toyota technology and potential for the future.

TMC has located its manufacturing plants over much of the world.  Besides Japan, factories are in at least 26 other nations.  Their North American operations are slightly more successful than those in Japan.

Here in the United States, Toyota Motor North America is headquartered in Torrance, California with the manufacturing division in Erlanger, Kentucky. Major American plants are found in Alabama, Kentucky, Indiana, Texas, West Virginia, and Mississippi.  The popular Camry cars and Tundra pickups come from Lafayette, Indiana.

TMC is the largest producer of hybrid powered vehicles in the world.  The famous Prius is the most popular.  There are also hybrid Camrys, Highlander SUVs and some Lexus models, too.

TMC has non-automotive specific interests, as well. They are involved in aerospace, higher education, robotics, agriculture and environmental protection.

Oh, why the title of this post?  It’s part of the jingle from an advertising campaign in the U.S. from a few decades ago. I sometimes hear it in my head when I see or hear the name, Toyota.  Such is the power of the TMC marketing department.


The Blue Jay of Happiness says no financial considerations have been made for today’s TMC capsule history.

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