Puttering Around …Floral Friday

Last week, I enjoyed a creative burst.  I made up so many arrangements that I had to promise to carry over some to later.  Now, is that later time.  I have five more experiments that were completely fun to make.

I have a couple of the vintage McCoy automobile planter vases on hand.  I brought out the tan car to make it the home for some Echinacea flowers.  This comes off as a study in subtle humor.

A couple of Augusts ago, this big, light blue Haeger two-handled urn became part of my collection.  Because I prefer to work with medium or small arrangements, the huge vase didn’t get used.  It just sat on a shelf.  Finally, I gathered a couple of handfuls of large blooms.  This late summer arrangement is a celebration of bright colors.  I have it sitting on my desk.

In contrast, I have this very small, pink planter with the yellow applique’ blossom that I’ve featured on two previous Floral Fridays.  This time, I built a more vertical treatment out of late summer colors.  Who knows, there might be another arrangement or two for this vase before I trade it off.

A small Ikebana inspired arrangement is what I envisioned for the little hand painted Japanese vase.  Even though I didn’t intend for it to be an Ikebana arrangement, it still might qualify as one in the Free Form category. 

For several years, I’ve used a bamboo themed, 1940s planter as a holder for sheets of memo paper and pencils.  I decided to put the paper somewhere else.  The result was an empty container that needed flowers.  A tropical theme seems intuitive. So, that’s what I did.

I feel another creative burst just below the surface of my imagination.  I wonder what will come of it.


The Blue Jay of Happiness hopes you can bring your own creative ideas to fruition, too.

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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