Simple Vases …Floral Friday

It was time to rearrange a couple of my shelves and locate some hidden dust.  In the process, I discovered several small and medium vases that had become forgotten in the crowded inventory.  The vases got the old soap and water treatment.

Then, I decided to take the non-traditional approach that I touched on last week to experiment with the types of vases that we can find easily.  They might be department store finds, hand me downs, or garage sale treasures.  That doesn’t mean bland vases, just non-exotic containers.

A very basic, very sturdy small Japanese container by “Landmark” caught my attention, first.  I wanted to carry the solid theme to the arrangement.  Three poppy buds protect the little, bright flowers set off with miniature cattails. For a cheerful, last day of summer look.

A small, frosted mid-1950s glass vase decorated with scribble lines is the foundation for a very avant gard arrangement of a solitary rose and fill flowers. Broomgrass and bamboo leaves provide the backdrop for this radical design.

Two trios of roses fill this Japanese made “Artmark” vase decorated with applied flower and gold trim motif. There is a trio of bright red silk roses plus a subtle trio of ceramic, light blue rose buds at home with the fill elements.

A simple miniature Takahashi ginger jar vase contains a variety of sizes, shapes and colors for a fun accent piece that utilizes a post-modern approach to style.  This one is meant to accentuate high energy as we approach Fall.

The medium size carafe style vases are ubiquitous.  They never go out of style.  This one features a unique figure of Kwan Yin, the Boddhisattva of Compassion.  It makes a beautiful shrine vase or can be used on the nightstand in the bedroom.  I was in the mood for tropical flowers to bring excitement to the calm vase.  The dynamic flowers compliment the mellow theme of the container.

The end of Summer and beginning of Autumn mean golden orange colors come forward in our environment.  This vase even has an applied cicada as an added September note.  Oranges and yellows predominate the entire composition.  The richness will be appreciated as we have more grey, overcast days ahead of us.

Do you have some old containers taking up space on a shelf in your home somewhere?  Why not let loose and try some experiments, too?


The Blue Jay of Happiness is all geared up for tomorrow’s Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere.

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