My early mornings are spent in silence.  Unlike many people, I do not turn on the television or radio to “catch up” on the news or sports or gossip.  During severe weather, I may flip on the weather radio for the forecast and conditions then shut it off to return to my coffee and silence.  Frequently during my morning silences, I ask myself, “What is my impact upon the world?”

Are my actions enhancing harmony and lessening harm of the earth, society and people with whom I encounter each day?  Similarly, are my thoughts enhancing my inner harmony, do my fantasies and mental goals help or harm myself and others?  In other words, do my thoughts interplay with my actions?

Are my communications with you and people I meet each day harmonious and wholesome?  Are my messages free of blather, exaggeration, gossip, harsh words, and lies? Do I sincerely commend and compliment others without resorting to flattery?

Do I speak out against injustice, even if it means that others may think less of me for doing so?  That is, do my communications tend to harm or help the interplay between the world at large and myself?

How about our practical, real world transactions and vocational behavior?  How does our livelihood harm or help? Does/did my job and career enhance nature and humanity?  Is my retirement fund investing in companies that deprive other people of their right to equality? Do my works and investments deprive anybody on earth of the right to be alive?

How does my life interplay with others?  Does it harm any people, animals, the environment?  Do I interplay with these factors in a positive sense, physically and ethically?  Where can I pat myself on the back?  Where do I need to correct my erroneous thoughts and actions? Do I validate harmful thoughts and actions through beliefs, religious and political affiliations?   How can I constructively and peacefully counter inequality and injustice?

What we think and do, actually can enhance or erode our interplay with people around us, and the environment in which we all must find sustenance in order to not merely exist, but in which we can all mutually thrive.

All of that is sometimes a lot to think about during my morning cup of coffee, but it’s one the best ways, I know, to start the day off right.


The Blue Jay of Happiness knows that individual skillful, compassionate thinking leads to individual skillful, compassionate behavior.  Pass it on.

About swabby429

An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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