Wayne County Fall …Floral Friday

The rural areas around Northeastern Nebraska are largely under-appreciated by many Nebraskans.  The vicinity is mostly unknown to most Americans and people around the world.

This little niche does have some visual beauty to those of us who live here or pass through frequently.  All we have to do is notice it.  This year, drought conditions prevailed, so the vegetation manifested different and more brilliant coloring than usual.

I spend one day each week about 30 miles east of my home in the quaint college town and county seat of Wayne County, Nebraska. Recently, I approached the town of Wayne from the south and was treated to a golden view.

All over Wayne County there are clumps of trees and shelter belts along the rural roads.  These provide some protection from the severe winter winds we get each year.  The groves are also prime habitat for many species of wild animals and plants.  This year, these clumps of vegetation have been especially colorful.

Fields like these usually contain bailed alfalfa hay.  These bails, however, are corn plants.  This year’s drought harmed the maize crops so much that most fields had little or no grain yields.  To recoup a meager portion of their losses, some farmers will feed the leaves and stalks to their livestock.

The population of the town of Wayne has not varied much from 5,000 or so for several decades.  There are parts of town that still have paving brick streets.  This view on PearlStreet at the intersection with Sixth Street presents us with visuals that are common in many other parts of the town.

If you’re not in the vicinity of New England, maybe you’re closer to Nebraska.  In that case, make a stop in a small Nebraska community soon to enjoy a bit of American small town charm and plenty of photo opportunities.


The Blue Jay of Happiness reminds you that there is a wide selection of wildlife to delight anybody who enjoys the outdoors.

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