The Fate Of The Species

Is the human race on the brink of extinction or will we survive by a stroke of luck and skill?  If you want to get beyond the politically correct talking points that plague the discussion, my latest read will be of help. The Fate Of The Species–Why The Human Race May Cause Its Own Extinction And How We Can Stop It* by Fred Guterl is a good starting point for anybody wanting a reality based, sober outline of what we all face.

Fred Guterl presents worst case scenarios as a framework for the problems that ultimately must be solved in order for humanity to survive our greatest challenges.  He finally leaves it up to our uncanny ways and ingenuity in finding ways to plan and execute our collective fate.

Guterl does not mince words in his descriptions of the complexity and interplay of what we have wrought.  One of the chapters, “Ecosystems” demonstrates his very skillful grasp of what makes our living environments mesh with each other.

Aside from Climate Change, the two most chilling chapters are “Synthetic Biology” and “Machines”.  Both topics have been the subject of various science fiction stories.  However, the non-fiction descriptions of the two fields are more thrilling and frightening than any sort of make-believe story.  He describes our lives and how we interact with each other and the world around us.

I think Guterl has done a good job of avoiding the temptation to peddle fear for effect.  He’s laid out the situations we must face and constructively solve.  That said, I don’t recommend reading the book before bedtime.  I made that mistake and found myself dreaming nightmares.  This is amazing, because I rarely remember any of my dreams, ever.

In my opinion, The Fate Of The Species should be mandatory reading for decision makers in government, industry, and education.  As citizens of a democratic republic, we are also decision makers.  We need to have a realistic picture so we can inform our votes.  We also need to have a good idea as to how we all impact  the interconnected web of life on earth.

The author, Fred Guterl, serves as executive editor of “Scientific American” magazine.  He has also covered issues relevant to this book for “Newsweek” magazine. Guterl has appeared on several mainstream television programs, too.

The Fate Of The Species – Why The Human Race May Cause Its Own Extinction And How We Can Stop It by Fred Guterl.  Published in 2012 by Bloomsbury. ISBN: 978-1-60819-258-8


The Blue Jay of Happiness notes that humans are not the only species affected by human activity.

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